My Story

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”

– Anaïs Nin

Hello, my name is Marta and I am a self taught artist living in Brisbane, Australia. Through my art and creative journey I am sharing with you my story of how I reconnected with my long forgotten passion from childhood after over 20 years. I hope that my story ignites a spark of inspiration, and that you find here something you deeply connect with. I am unspeakably happy to have you joining my journey.

Once, there was a little girl who loved painting…

I was a shy kid and often didn’t feel comfortable around others who were fighting and shouting in the playground. I would then hide in my world of imagination, dreams and painting where I was a ballerina, ice skating champion or a fashion designer.  At the age of 7 I joined the afternoon painting classes at the nearest community club but discontinued after a year or two. Few years later I decided I wanted to go to art college so I joined the painting classes again with another teacher. One day he told me that my oil painting I painted him was utterly ugly. It hurt but I was determined and 5 or more candidates per spot did not scare me to give it a try at the exams. And it didn’t work.

Trials and challenges

Life tested me with a series of traumatic experiences since I was 19 and through the course of stepping towards adult life I not only buried my passion for painting somewhere on the way but also disconnected from my soul. I learnt to be tough, brave, independent and hide my vulnerable, highly sensitive side from the world around.

Reconnected with my passion

In 2009, I left my full time job, newly bought apartment and packed my life into one suitcase to travel alone from Poland to Australia to start a new life here. I had no idea how things would turn out, I paid my student visa for 6 months in advance, had few hundred dollars in my pocket and all the rest was about trusting that life will show me the way. I spent almost 4 years on student visa and that time was mainly about studying and making money to be able to extend the visa.

At some point something ignited that spark… I remembered what I loved doing most when I was a kid. And then I suddenly felt the call to go back to that place. 

I started with making hand painted jewellery. But my creative expression was begging me to trust and expand. Painting dots and lines on tiny squares of wood was no longer what would make my heart sing. I felt I was slowly going back on my path that I once left behind and my passion that I buried and numbed. For many years I was totally shut down, after series of traumatic experiences and abuse continuing since my teenage years, I was on the survival mode for years, like a robot or medicated with substances or abusive destructive relationships.

I am so grateful that I have found the strength and trust to really listen to that voice within.

Today I am opening to all that was hidden for so many years. It’s a journey within where my creativity is a portal to my soul. It feels raw and vulnerable and it’s an ongoing lesson in trust with ups and downs everyday but today I know it’s the only way for me to be who I truly am, so I keep on learning and surrendering.

I am embracing my unique gifts and love the work in progress that I am. Today, I am reclaiming my creativity and through this act I am healing and reclaiming my soul.

Today I share my passion and facilitate connection through my art.

My core values are:

∗ creativity ∗ freedom ∗ harmony ∗ integrity ∗ love

What I can offer you

Few more bits & pieces about me

  • I am an explorer. I love travel, especially road trips.

  • Mother Nature is what makes my soul sing.  Ocean is where I go to cleanse and recharge my energy and the beach is where I relax best.

  • Camping is my favourite way to spend holidays no matter long or short. One day I will move into a campervan or camper trailer and will travel around.

  • Biking? I love it! I love long routes along the beach or through the forest.

  • I cry easily, whether I’m happy, sad or upset – tears just flow.

  • My Zodiac sign is Cancer and an Ox in Chinese horoscope.

  • I love yoga and Pilates. 

  • I absolutely adore animals and deeply care about their well being. I can’t stand any image of animal cruelty as it causes me physical pain.

  • I love watching biographical and costume movies.

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