These days – after many years of being disconnected from my creativity and passion – when I pick up the brush or pencil, I am rediscovering myself.

My artworks are my personal story. I paint my truth, my emotions and my works are the expression of my inner self that I want to share with the world. My painting process is very intuitive, I do not plan it all ahead, often I don’t make sketches. I get my ideas from within. Painting is a form of meditation for me.

In the process, I surrender to my intuition, I am vulnerable and open. I love watching how the paint mixes with water and when I work with watercolours and ink.  I use the brush not to control but to align.

The messages that appear in my paintings often come from my shamanic journeying, journalling and connecting with my spirit animals and guides.

I use the brush not to control but to align.

I love for the material I choose for painting to speak to me, like the reclaimed wood I paint on – I place it in my creative space and we make the initial connection.

I observe it and at some point the grain forms into lines and shapes – this is where I get the message and follow it with trust.

These days – after many years of being disconnected from my creativity and passion – when I pick up the brush or pencil, I am rediscovering myself. I am healing my soul and allowing it to speak through my art. Today I cannot imagine my life without painting.

Where to buy

My artworks are available for purchase as Giclee Prints (professionally printed archival grade Fine Art Reproductions) and as greeting cards via my online shop on this website. There are also some original paintings available.

Custom orders

I love creating customised artworks and murals. If you would like to order a customised painting, I would love to hear from you. Please send me a mesage and we will discuss details.

Marta Kamilla – original paintings, prints, murals, custom orders