Chakra Mandala Cards

Daily reminders for mindful life

I created Chakra Mandala cards with an intention to offer you a versatile tool for cultivating a mindful living.

Basing on my own experience and hearing stories from others I have come to realize that affirmations are very powerful tool when it comes to bringing balance and focus into everyday busy life. It is so easy to get off the track, to have our energy scattered, to become overwhelmed by multitasking that our reality is asking for everyday. In result, we become upset, tired, moody, doubtful, uninspired and longing for a dose of positive energy to bring us back to alignment.

The Cards feature my original artwork which I created in a meditative state guided by my intuition, fully present and surrendered to the moment of creation. Each card has an affirmation corresponding to the energy of given chakra. These affirmations were handwritten by me and they are words that came to me when I focused on each chakra energy. These are messages that came as most powerful and I felt called to share them with you.

Everyday tool for a mindful living

By making Chakra Mandala Cards part of your everyday life you will

  • Feel grounded and safe

  • Reignite the creative fire and reconnect with pleasure in life

  • Bring back the focus and realign with your personal power

  • Use your voice and speak your truth

  • Open up to love and compassion

  • Surrender to your intuition and trust your inner guidance

  • Feel that we are all connected and one with universe

How to work with your Chakra Mandala cards

Make your intuition your guide during your work with Chakra Mandala cards. You can frame the cards and decorate your walls with them. You can place them where you know you need to amplify the energy most. Or keep them on your sacred altar together with other tools to use for daily practice.

Let the colour vibration speak to you or meditate on the intricate pattern of each mandala. Listen and observe your body reaction and the messages that may come to you. Repeat the affirmation out loud or quietly to bring you back to alignment with your soul.

Refer to a mini chakra guide included in each set for additional information how to support your chakras.

There are many ways to work with the Chakra Mandala cards, choose the one that feels right for you.

chakra mandala cards

Unique, versatile and eco friendly gift

Chakra Mandala Cards make a unique gift for yourself, your loved ones, your coaches and mentors and other special people in your life. The cards are blank inside so you can write a heartfelt message for your special person.

When framed together or individually these Chakra Mandala cards will not only become a statement decoration but will also heighten the vibration of the space.

Chakra Mandala Cards are printed from my original artworks on FSC certified paper and packaged in a recycled paper gift box. In the box you will also find 7 recycled paper envelopes and a chakra information card from which you can find out more about the given chakra and how to support it (e.g. with crystals, food etc).

Are you a natural therapist, healer, spiritual teacher, coach or yoga teacher?
Do you run classes, events and retreats?

Chakra Mandala cards make perfect gifts for your events participants and are great tool to assist you in your practice. Wholesale orders for full sets or individual cards welcome – please enquire via contact page on this website or via email

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