Creative Workshops

Unleash your self-expression

Connect with creative spirit

Are you longing to express yourself creatively but don't know where to start?

Do you want to unleash your inner voice and feel empowered?

Are you looking for powerful way to connect with yourself?

Do you feel stuck in everyday hustle and are missing joy and relaxation?

Say YES to your creative spirit

Your creative spirit resides within you, it is your inner potential you were born with. The process of creating art is a powerful way to get in touch with and explore that inner potential. Art nutures us on body, mind and soul levels. It brings us joy, reduces stress, heals, connects us with the present moment. Art is a powerful spiritual practice allowing us to go within, explore the depths of our soul; it is a fuel for our growth and transformation. When we make art, we express our true essence. Are you ready to say YES to your creative spirit?

My invitation

I invite you for a journey of creative exploration. A journey where you connect with your intuition and let it guide you in the art making process. My creative workshops are not about creating the perfect piece of art, they are about expressing your true self. In a judgement-free space I encourage you to trust your inner wisdom and unleash your own creativity. In this process you will experience joy and empowerment, you will enhance your sense of wellbeing.

Space for connection

I provide participants with a space that evokes feelings of peace and relaxation, nurtures creativity and playfulness. My workshops are intimate and tailored for a small group of 5 or 6 people. I believe this allows for a healthy balance between privacy and the opportunity to connect with others without feeling overwhelmed by a big group. I offer you a judgement-free space where everyone is encouraged to trust their inner wisdom and intuition.

We will start with a short movement exercise to help you feel grounded, then proceed to guided visualisation and journaling. The main part is the intuitive painting practice where you  create your own painting on canvas. I will gently guide you through the steps of the process but it is about you. I encourage you to free your expression and trust in what nurtures your creative spirit. Plus to have fun, play and enjoy the process.

My Creative Workshops offer for you

You will experience:

   ~  guided visualization

   ~ self –reflection and journaling exercise

   ~ intuitive creative exercise

   ~ tools to support your creativity

   ~ creating mandala painting on canvas

What's included:

   ~  your very own round mandala canvas to paint & take home

   ~ all art supplies

   ~ gift bag with surprises

   ~ a crystal that you pick intuitively

   ~ herbal tea selection, snack & fruit

Tune into your inner wisdom and open up to your limitless creative power


Do I need to bring anything specific to this workshop?

Please bring your journal and a pen as we will be doing journalling and you may wish to reflect on your insights later at home

What shall I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that you don’t mind to get messy (aprons will be provided)

Do I need to have experience in painting?

No experience is required. This workshop is about play and opening up to creative expression as you are guided by your own intuition.



I loved the whole process, meditation and visualization sections combined with painting experience. I was genuinely surprised how much fun I had. I would love to participate in future workshops run by Marta and I already recommended it to other people.


I had the great pleasure of attending Marta’s first mandala workshop and was it amazing! Marta offered us a safe, sacred place where we could freely express ourselves and let our creative juices flow. She held us in this beautiful container from the very start and held us there until the end. I would highly recommend one of her workshops.


Marta, thank you so much for a wonderful day on Saturday. It is so rare to instantly feel comfortable & safe to open your heart with a group of strangers. You created a supportive nurturing space for us to be creative & have fun. I loved creating my painting but what was more valuable was sharing the day with such beautiful women. I can’t recommend Marta’s workshops highly enough to anyone who may be considering attending in future.


The workshop was hugely beneficial and while calling something perfect is sometimes destructive I mean it in that it was naturally perfect and an authentic experience. It was so lovely from so many aspects-creativity and intellectually, spiritually and also the social aspect and eating together was really enjoyable. Marta was a lovey host and really catered to our needs and was very open in what she gave us, including the ‘goodie’ bags which I treasure.


I had a gorgeous afternoon channeling my inner child and expressing my soul at Marta’s mandala workshop. I’m always amazed by how much we can learn about life through the creative process – how to let go of the ego and come back to the heart, how to enjoy the journey rather than concerning ourselves with the destination/final product, how much peace stillness gifts us 

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