Essential Oils

Gift of the Earth

Do you want to be able to support the physical and emotional well being of your family and yourself in an easy and affordable way each day?

Are you looking for pure and natural products free from nasty chemicals when you make your everyday choices?

Is it important to you that the products you buy are made using ethical and sustainable practices?

Do you care for our planet and the communities working with and utilising the gifts of earth growing in their natural environment?

If you answered yes, then we are on the same page. I care about those things too. And I am absolutely thrilled that we can find all what we are looking for in these brown bottles. How?

What are the essential oils?

Essential oils are pure extracts from plants, they are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs and are nature’s defense mechanism for plants and cells. They are highly concentrated so a little goes a very long way. They are a safe, effective, affordable alternative to many synthetic products/remedies.

Why dōTERRA?

PURE and NATURAL – no nasty preservatives, no fillers, no additives. Just pure, potent extract from a plant.

SOURCED ETHICALLY – dōTERRA oils are sourced in natural habitats, where the plants grows which ensures the highest potential of the oil extracted

VERSATILE – with dōTERRA essential oils you can support your family and community in many ways, from reducing toxin load in everyday life and making your own natural products to supporting your immune and respiratory systems, cellular health, digestive system, energy & vitality, emotions and more

EASY TO GET AND AFFORDABLE – I can help you to get access to these oils super quickly so you can start supporting your loved ones and broader community straight away. How?

How do I learn more about the essential oils?

The best way is to join my list where you get:

– invites to my classes where you learn about essentials oils and make toxin free products. I run variety of classes and hands on workshops where you can test the oils and make products for yourself and your loved ones.

–  sweet deals and participate in competitions

–  DIY recipes and more

Join the list below. Be inspired and empowered to make positive changes in your everyday life.

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Ready to get your oils now? Awesome! Follow the steps below

Step 1. Click JOIN HERE then click “Join & Save” on the top menu.

Step 2. Click on “OTG” – which means “On The Ground” in Australia – your order will ship from the Australian warehouse in Melbourne.

Step 3. Select option Wholesale Prices (wholesale access option is by far the best way to go).

Step 4. Fill in all the details

Step 5. On the next page choose the kit you want (kits are inclusive of wholesale membership and waive the $35 fee)


choose the $35 intro paperwork and type in the names of the oils and blends you want to order

Step 6. Fill in your payment details and you are ready to go!

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