Magic from the Universe

I am absolutely blown away by the support I have ben receiving from the Universe recently and the spectrum of opportunities to feel the way I want to feel. Clarity is the key, once you know what you want and how you want to feel, focus on it and open up to receiving without attachment to outcome – the magic is happening!

One of my Core Desired Feelings  is Expansive and oh yes, I have been feeling this way all along my journey this year. Starting from my first watercolour artworks, through overcoming fear of painting big and taking part in exhibition and painting a big floor art; recently the Universe presented me with with yet another amazing opportunity…

Last month I started working as a teacher at the Polish School in Brisbane (we run Polish language classes for kids and adults) and they asked me if I would want to do some face painting for kids during Polish Spring Festival. I did not hesitate a second and said yes. I have never done it before but I just knew I would love it so I immediately decided to give it a go.

I bought professional paints for face and body in a truly delicious colour palette and all other necessary things like sponges, brushes and oh yes, glitter! I looked at some photos online to get an idea of designs as I have never really looked at any face painting anywhere. And I decided I need to do a test face painting as I wanted to check the paints and see how they work in the process.

I am so lucky to have amazing partner Maciek who is very supportive and very patient and who agreed to become my guinea pig for that occasion. So one evening few days before the festival we had a bit of fun and you can see the results here.


On the Polish Spring Festival day, 13 September, the feeling of unknown increased my level of excitement. Once the first girl sat down to have her face painted I did not stop for another 2,5 hours! Kids loved the paintings and I loved seeing their joy and smiles. After about 20 minutes break I had another round, I painted sharks, fairies (a lot of fairies), tigers, dinosaurs, ladybugs, Hello Kittys, ah beautiful colourful things. The joy of watching children’s smiles when they were looking in the mirror was just a beyond amazing feeling!
Face painting collage
I went to bed that day with a heart filled with gratitude to the brim, knowing that I definitely want to do this more often. And knowing that I am expansive and limitless. Yes, Universe I am open and ready to receive more goodness from you so I can share my joy with others!

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