Paint Your Magic Mandala – Creative Workshop

Open up to your creative fire. Bring your wild dreams to life. Nourish your body, mind & spirit.

I am inviting you to an intimate space where you can deepen connection with yourself, surrender to your intuition and create a container for your biggest dreams. A space where you can open up to creative fire within and hold your vision for your life.

Mandala. A symbol of wholeness.
A container for your intentions.
A journal for your most intimate secrets.
Sacred space for your wildest dreams.
A vehicle for healing and your transformation.

Let me take you on a powerful journey of creating your very own mandala painting infused with your intention for what you want to bring to your life. When you put intention into your mandala, it will hold a sacred space for the year ahead, a space where you can anchor in any time and surrender your deepest desires.

Your dreams are bold and juicy.
Your spirit needs a spontaneous play.
Your mind is asking for peace and quiet.
Your body is yearning nourishment and rest.
But every day life feels so busy.
You give so much to others and your own cup feels empty.

Are you ready to give yourself all that you need?

Mandala represents a never ending cycle of life. When you create a mandala you are engaging in a powerful process that can serve as a pathway to transformation in your life.

How do I know?

I have used mandalas to help me to transition through challenging times in my life.

They have helped me feel connected to myself again and become present in a given moment.

Creating mandalas allowed to deepen self-reflection and quiet my busy mind.

They were a starting point for my healing. Creating mandala also became my self-love and self-care practice.

Let me gently guide you so you can experience the benefits of this powerful creative practice.

In our class you will create a mandala that will be a vehicle for:

   ~ setting  intentions for what you wish to bring to your life

   ~a spontaneous play practice where you can embrace your creative spirit

   ~ intuitive insight into your inner world

   ~ a deeper perspective on your problems or things that are blocking you in life

   ~ restoring your mind, body and soul to peace, rest and focus

   ~ greater self-love and connection

In our class you will also experience:

   ~  guided visualization

   ~ self –reflection and journaling exercise

   ~ creative exercise with shapes and colours

   ~ aromatherapeutic support for your creativity

What's included:

   ~  your very own round mandala canvas to paint & take home

   ~ all art supplies

   ~ herbal tea selection, snacks and fruit

   ~ a crystal that you pick intuitively

   ~ gift bag with surprises

Tune into your inner wisdom and open up to your limitless creative power.

I can’t wait to welcome you in a space where we open our hearts and create together. I can’t wait to experience your unleashed expression and see you reaching out for your wildest dreams. Let’s make it happen!