Chakra Mandala Cards and crystals set


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Chakra Mandala Cards and crystals set


Daily reminders for mindful living. A set of 7 beautiful cards with affirmations for daily inspiration. Chakra Mandala Cards look beautiful framed.

Printed on recycled paper, each card is packaged individually. The set comes with envelopes and chakra information card, and is placed in recycled paper box perfect for gift giving.

Out of stock

Here is something special for you that will help bring balance to your chakras: Chakra Mandala cards and hand selected high quality crystals are perfect tools to make your everyday spiritual practice truly potent.

A set of 7 beautiful Chakra Mandala Cards with affirmations is a product created with intention to offer you a versatile tool for cultivating a mindful living.

The Cards feature my original artwork which I created in a meditative state guided by my intuition, fully present and surrendered to the moment of creation. Each card has an affirmation corresponding to the energy of given chakra. These affirmations were handwritten by me and they are words that came to me when I focused on each chakra energy. These are messages that came as most powerful and I felt called to share them with you.

Chakra Mandala Cards are printed from my original artworks on sustainably sourced paper and packaged in a recycled paper gift box with 7 recycled envelopes. In the box you will also find 7 high quality crystals: each related to the given chakra and a chakra information card. Crystal set includes:

GARNET – for base chakra

CARNELIAN- for sacral chakra

CITRINE- for solar plexus chakra

ROSE QUARTZ- for heart chakra

LAPIS LAZULI- for throat chakra

LABRADORITE- for third eye chakra

AMETHYST- for crown chakra


Chakra Mandala Cards make perfect gifts, you can send them to your loved ones who need those little yet powerful reminders in their daily life. You can frame the Chakra Mandala Cards and display on your wall or table as an empowering tool for practicing mindfulness. If you are a spiritual healer you can also use these cards in your daily practice with clients. Find out more about Chakra Mandala cards HERE

Are you a natural therapist, healer, spiritual teacher, coach or yoga teacher? Do you run classes, events and retreats? These Chakra Mandala cards make perfect gifts for your events participants and are great tool to assist you in your practice. Wholesale orders for full sets or individual cards welcome – please enquire via contact page on this website or via email

Product dimensions:  Box containing 7 cards measures 16x16x4cm (individual card measures 14.5×14.5cm) + a set of 7 crystals with info card


PLEASE NOTE: Due to different colour settings on your computer screen, colours may vary slightly from this digital version of the physical print.

© Copyright Marta Kamilla. All artwork and images are copyright of Marta Kamilla and may not be reproduced without the permission of the artist.

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