Throat Chakra Mandala Art Print

From $35.00

Throat chakra mandala
Throat chakra mandala
Throat chakra mandala
Throat chakra mandala
chakra mandala

Throat Chakra Mandala Art Print

From $35.00



Let this Throat chakra mandala empower your voice and creative expression. Allow its vibration to create a positive and calming atmosphere in your environment. When meditating on mandala, focus on intricate designs and colours and let it absorb your full attention. You will feel lighter and relaxed.

I have always felt drawn to mandalas and with time I have explored and developed my creative practice of mandala painting.

During the process I am in meditative state and immediately feel relaxed and in the flow. Drawing and painting mandalas is an important part of my healing and self-discovery, I usually receive powerful insight in my creative process.

I often combine my mandalas with colour symbolism of chakras – the energy centres in our body – for a deepened exploration and insight and when I want to cleanse and balance my chakras.

All my mandalas are free hand painted; I use the drawing compass for sketching the circle outlines only.

With each print you will receive a description of a given chakra, its functions and tools for supporting the balanced work of the chakra (e.g. food, crystals, essential oil combinations, yoga poses that nourish particular chakra)


This Throat chakra mandala is a fine art print of an original painting produced using professional archival inks on high quality 320gsm Fine Art paper (Smooth Textured 100% cotton rag, acid free). Print measures 8” x 10” and printed image is centered with a white border. All prints are signed by the artist and ready to be framed. Art prints will be packaged with great care with a sturdy backing board in acid free cello sleeve, and mailed in a sturdy mailer.

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Mandala (loosely translated as “circle” from Sanskrit) is much more than just a shape, it is seen as a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinite. Balancing visual elements presented in mandala symbolize wholeness, unity and harmony.

In various cultures mandalas are spiritual guidance tool for establishing a sacred space, they aid meditation, healing, relaxation, connection and the art of creating mandalas varies in mediums (sand, medicine wheels, architecture).


The are seven physical chakras (chakra in Sanskrit means wheel) which are energy centres of spiritual power, which are transfer points for our thoughts, feelings, and specific functions of our organs. There are seven major chakras – starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head – that are connected with different areas of the body and wide range of physical and spiritual functions.

Chakras are like swirling wheels of energy where matter and consciousness meet. It’s essential that our seven main chakras stay open, aligned, and fluid otherwise the energy is blocked and cannot flow freely.

* The Down to Earth Mala in the photo created by Mirka of Lush Mala Beads, availble for purchase HERE

PLEASE NOTE: Due to different colour settings on your computer screen, colours may vary slightly from this digital version of the physical print.

 Logo and website address do not appear on the actual print.

© Copyright Marta Kamilla. All artwork and images are copyright of Marta Kamilla and may not be reproduced without the permission of the artist.

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