Somewhere in between

Somewhere in between

Not there anymore

Not always fully present here

Loving hot sunny bright everyday here

Not missing the cold grey there

Not there anymore

Not in flesh anyway

Not always fully present here

Still feeling a bit like a stranger sometimes.  You will always hear it in my accent

I don’t know your favourite childhood TV shows and music. I won’t get all your jokes.

I can’t relate.

I don’t have my high school friends here. I won’t bump into them on the street one day here

But who knows, maybe one day.  I would love to.

You won’t get my childhood stories about queuing up for toilet paper and sausages

and we couldn’t buy more than the ration card allowed

I won’t get your childhood stories about surfing at 5am

And swimming in the ocean with dolphins

I will always hear “where are you from?”

I need to get used to spelling my surname every single time

I can’t go see my family over the weekend.  They are thousands and thousands kilometres away

I will always remember Christmas as white and crisp

And Easter as basket full of eggs. Chicken eggs, not chocolate eggs

I speak your language but I don’t always feel its rhythm

I love cold sea there as much as wild ocean here

I love this land that embraced me

I’ve taken out my roots

And transplanted

Not there anymore? Not here yet?

Somewhere in between?

With my heart carrying two ends of the world

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